The BLM Tailor Service provides near instantaneous, seamless cutting and splicing of any video and audio material that is stored in a compressed format such as MPEG-2, H.264 or DNxHD. Tailor provides sub-clipping and file concatenation without decompressing the original source files. This efficient process means no rendering, processing delay or loss of quality. Operating on a large range of CODECs stored in .mxf, .mov or .avi containers the service which Tailor provides islossless video processing at unprecedented speed and operational efficiency.

Tailor provides significant opportunities to improve the speed and quality of many production workflows, and affords new efficiencies in operations for upstream functions such as bulk tape ingest.

Tailor is also ideal for program versioning for multi-channel delivery but it may also carry out operations on suitably indexed growing files such as .mxf. This function has benefits in fast turnaround production operations such as news and sport. A highlight clip may be cut from an on-going master recording and be ready for delivery within a few seconds of an event such as goal in a football match.