Using the tool is easy

When the download completes double click the BLM MXF icon to launch the application:

MXF Instructions

MXF TimeCode Editor

It is frustrating that there is no quick and easy way of viewing the start (first frame) time-code (TC) of an MXF wrapped file unless it is loaded into a player which is capable of reading and displaying TC.

Such a simple requirement should certainly be easier than it is in the 'self describing' wrapper format!

BLM have built a simple tool which allows users to read, and set, the start time-code value of an MXF file as well as view / set the frame rate.

The BLM MXF Time-Code tool is available for free.


To talk to BLM about customisation of this tool, such as a command line interface or a class library for direct integration into your file based worflow, call the London sales office or talk to your regional distributor.

Further Details of the BLM MXF tools are available here: MXF Tailor>